If you have been grinding your teeth while you sleep and you are wanting to learn how to stop teeth grinding in sleep you’ve come to the right place.  A lot of people want to stop teeth clenching at night in addition to stopping grinding. And many want to learn how to do this through natural cures such as relaxation.

Here is how to stop teeth grinding in your sleep.

How to Stop Teeth Grinding in SleepMost of the time teeth grinding is causes by stress and anxiety.  If this is something you can control, for example watching scary movies before you go to bed, then you should stop watching those movies or television shows.  However, if the stress is something that is out of your control, perhaps work related or health related, then you must rely on these natural health treatments.

A)  If you perform deep breathing exercises before you go to bed this should help you relax better.  Doing deep breathing exercises will help your body get more oxygen and should help you relax.  If you relax better you increase the chances of stopping your teeth from grinding in your sleep.

B)  Consider drinking tea or warm milk before you go to sleep.  Why will this help you to stop teeth grinding in sleep?  The warm beverages should help you relax.  Never drink things with sugar or Caffeine in them.  Additionally, do not drink alcohol.

C)  Calcium supplements and magnesium supplements have been known to help people to stop teeth grinding in their sleep.  You need to check with your doctor before you do this, however.

D)  A great way to stop teeth grinding in sleep is to apply a warm washcloth to your face.  Make sure to get the washcloth nice and warm and to put it on your jaw, or before your earlobes.  This will help you to relax.  You can also massage this area with your hands to help you relax.

E)  Massaging your scalp, or other areas in your body is also a good way to help you remove stress and anxiety.  Also, if your neck is sore work in those areas, too.

F)  Consider eating a snack that helps you chew on something before you go to sleep.  An example is a carrot, or an apple, or celery.

The goal with all these exercises and treatments is to stop teeth grinding in sleep, and to help you relax.  Most times teeth grinding is caused by high stress or anxiety.

G)  Another way to stop teeth grinding in sleep is to play soft, classical music.  This soft music is designed to help you relax.  Do not play music that will get your ramped up or excited.

H)  Sometimes a warm bath or getting into a hot tub or jacuzzi can help you relax better.

I)  Last but not least, using a journal or writing in a diary can help you relax better.  Although it might seem strange, putting your thoughts on paper can help you clear your mind, and a clearer mind will help you sleep better.

These are just a few ways to learn how to stop teeth grinding in sleep.  If you are ready to instantly stop teeth grinding then you will want to check out this right here:  Click here!

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