How to Stop Grinding Teeth in Sleep by Mike Davis.

If you are grinding teeth in sleep, this article will explain how to stop teeth grinding in sleep.

How to Stop Grinding Teeth in SleepWhy do people grind teeth in their sleep?  There are several reasons, but most of them come back to the underlying number one cause.  Stress.  Most people who grind their teeth, also called Bruxism, suffer from an unhealthy level of stress and anxiety.  Therefore, this translates into grinding one’s teeth at night during sleep.

How to stop grinding teeth in sleep:

If you ask a doctor or dentist how to stop grinding teeth in sleep you’ll get different answers.  There are many good treatments to help you stop grinding teeth in sleep, so lets go over them.

1)  You need to relax before you go to bed.  This is priority #1.  If you watch television before you go to bed, it is recommended you stop watching television altogether.  If you are unwilling or unable to give up television then change what you watch to something more relaxing.  Watching intense movies, or television shows is not a good thing to do to help you relax.  One often overlooked thing that you probably should stop watching if you are wanting to stop grinding teeth in sleep is the news.  The news is often times filled with horrible, depressing, negative information ranging from rapes, murders, and information on war.  Filling your mind with these things right before you go to sleep can increase anxiety and therefore lead to teeth grinding.

2)  Use a warm wash cloth or a hotel towel to help your body relax before you go to sleep.  This is a good treatment, especially if used on your cheeks or on your jaw.  You want to relax the muscles to help you stop grinding teeth in sleep.  Hold the warm towel or wash cloth on your jaw just in front of your ear lobes.  You can also massage this area.

3)  Ask your partner to wake up if you start grinding your teeth.  This is one way to hopefully get you to quit.  Sometimes you don’t even need to wake up all the way, you can just have your partner nudge you.

4)  Believe it or not, some people get Botox treatments to help them stop grinding teeth in sleep.  Why do these use Botox treatments?  Simply because Botox treatments help weaken the mouth muscles, so if you do grind your teeth in your sleep you will be less likely to cause damage since your mouth muscles are not as strong.  However, Botox has many side-effects and is not recommended.

5) Mouth guards can be an effective way to prevent teeth grinding in your sleep, but often times are uncomfortable to sleep with and make it hard to fall asleep.  You can talk to your dentist about something like this.

6)  Other treatments to stop grinding teeth in your sleep include drinking warm herbal tea or warm milk before you go to bed.

7)  Avoiding alcohol or foods and beverages that have high caffeine and sugar content

These are just a few simple and easy treatments for to stop grinding teeth in sleep.  To get instant relief from teeth grinding click here!

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Wishing you peaceful sleep,

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