If you want to stop grinding your teeth in your sleep this article will discuss ways for you to get started.

Hello, my name is Mike Davis, and I put together this website to help those people who have been suffering from teeth grinding.  I used to suffer from teeth grinding, but I found treatments and advice that have helped me stop grinding my teeth.

Stop Grinding Your TeethWhy do people grind their teeth in their sleep?  There are several reasons people have been known to grind their teeth in their sleep.  One reason is because of anxiety.  Anxiety causes people to be tense and to tense up all their muscles. If someone tenses up their face muscles and clenches the jaw, then he or she is normally biting down without even realizing it.  If someone does this while sleeping then it is very easy for someone to grind the teeth during sleep.  One way to stop grinding your teeth is to become more relaxed.  Many times people are too anxious, so they carry all this stress with them while they sleep.

To stop grinding your teeth you also need to watch out what you eat.  Many times certain foods that contain sugar will cause you to not sleep well.  The same thing can happen with foods that contain Caffeine.  Foods that contain Caffeine and sugar include soda pop, energy drinks, candies, desserts, and other foods.  While not all of these contain Caffeine, most of them do contain sugar.

It is also recommend to reduce or eliminate alcohol before you go to sleep.  Alcohol has been know to make people grind teeth in their sleep.  I know that sounds weird, but research has shown that.

What bad habits do you have?  Do you have a habit that makes you chew on pencils or pens, or straws? This is not a good habit to develop.  You want to remove this habit so that it does not lead you to grinding your teeth while you sleep.  If your body and mind get used to chewing on these things, that can lead you to grind your teeth while you sleep.

Another great way to stop grinding teeth in sleep is to apply a warm wash cloth to your face as you are lying down in bed.  The goal is to help you relax.  Put the warm washcloth on your jaw before your earlobes.  If it is warm it should help you reduce stress and help you to relax better.

Listening to soft relaxing music can also help people relax, and doing deep breathing exercises has been known to help people relax better. Another way to stop grinding your teeth is to massage the areas to where you feel stressed, especially if those areas include the cheeks or jaw areas.

Drink plenty of water, as dehydration has been linked to teeth grinding, and a good way to stop grinding your teeth is to drink plenty of water.

If you reduce sugar and Caffeine intake, relax before going to bed, massage the stressed areas you will find it likely that you can stop grinding your teeth.  For other ways to stop grinding your teeth you can look at our program, Save Your Smile, Stop Grinding.  It’s backed by a guarantee, so you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain! Click here to get started.

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